Opening a new client account by using Simaa accounting software

Prepare and examine financial records

Prepare and audit monthly accounting reports

Accounting files arrangement and record

Tax Declaration

Value Added Tax (VAT) Accounting, Tax Deductible Accounting, Project Accounting & Calculation, Enterprise Income Tax, Tax Returns filing and declaration

Additional Tax Accounting procedures and declaration

Statistic Data Declarations

Accounting service

On-site service

Provides company’s personnel accounting, timely accounting on the spot when required

collecting accounting data

assists other consultants regarding accountant matters

Annual Tax matters as follows

Main Characteristics: coordinates the work between the clients and their partners of the accounting firm and assist in the completion of the audit

01    /
Preparation of Annual Accounting Statement
02    /
Preparation of Annual Accounts Report Audit
03    /
Settlement of Annual Enterprise Income Tax
04    /
Individual Income Tax Declaration
(for Annual Income Tax payers of 120,000 RMB and above)
Various kinds of Tax related applications and advisory service

To deal with the general taxpayer's confirmation and registration

Verification and upgrade of the Invoice versions

A corporate card application、change

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