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What type of photo is required for Chinese Visa & Residence Permit application?

All photos should be 2 inches (51mm X 51mm) Photo should be with light blue or white background.

What kind of photos are not accepted?

(1)Photos with red or darker colors backgrounds are not accepted.

(2)Photos with stamps of clay, chops or other marks on their surface

(3)Printed photos

(4)Blurred photos

What are the requirements for Physical Examination Record submitted during Residence Permit Application?

(1)All people above 18 years are required to go through the Physical Examination in order to apply for Residence Permit

(2)Certificate of verification for Physical Examination Record in Beijing is issued by Beijing Entry-Exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau

(3)Physical Examination Record would be valid for 6 months starting from the Date of issue

What documents are regarded as Proof of Relationship/ Certificate of Kinship?

You must provide proof of your relationship with your host or family member. This can include:
(1)a marriage certificate
(2)a birth certificate
(3)a Household Registration Book (Hukou)

Which Legal Proof of Relationship must be legalized?

All foreign personnel employed in China should present an Original Certificate of Kinship and do not need to go through legalization procedures for their family members. Marriage Certificates between Chinese and a foreign citizen, as well as Attorney of Fosterages issued abroad should be legalized by the Chinese Consulates abroad.

How to apply for Residence Accommodation Certificate for Foreigners in Beijing?

According to the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, Supplementary Provisions Articles 29, 30 and 31:

(1)All foreigners who reside on mainland China in hotels or hostels are automatically registered in the hotels (hostels) which have an online system connected with the Public Security Bureau database system.

(2)According to the new China Immigration Law, foreigners need to register within 24 hours of arrival both in urban and rural areas.

What would happen if my visa or residence permit had expired? What are the relevant regulations?

According to Article 20 and Article 42 of the implementation rules of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Entry and Exit of foreigners, if foreigners need to stay in China after their Visa or Residence Permit validity, they need to apply for Visa or Residence Permit Renewal before the expiry date. Foreigners who have violated the regulations and illegally reside in the country would be penalized by the public security organs. The penalties include:


(2)fines: a fine of 500 RMB per each day of illegal residence, the total amount not exceeding 5000 RMB;

(3)Immigration detention of 3 to 10 days;

(4)if there are serious violations - deportation.

What does it mean a change of Residence Permit items/specifics?

According to the Regulations of the PRC on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, provisions of Article 21, Article 42 Employment in China, if there is a change in foreigner’s residence permits items/specifics, such as: name of the permit’s holder, nationality of the person, Identity No, employer, address, passport number or there is a change in the accompanying children’s ID number, name etc., one must apply in a period within ten days for a change in the residence permit’s item at the relevant institution. Violations of the provisions are subject to a warning or a fine of 500 RMB; in serious circumstances the violator should be asked to leave China or be deported.

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