About Us

Global HR Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established on July 2016 in Beijing. Later at 2002 we opened an affiliate in Shanghai under the name Shanghai Global Consulting Co.Ltd. At 2004 we have established a wholly owned subsidiary in Beijing named Global Registration Agency.
We are proud with the fact that the company obtained NQA ISO 9001:2008(No.11372) Quality Service Certificate and in the past 20 years we have had the pleasure to provide excellent services to multinational clients. We own our success to the unfailing trust of our overseas clients in England, France, German, Italy, Holland, the USA, Australia, Canada as well as Asia.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity: We would never do anything evil, or refuse to do anything kind though insignificant. Always be honest-this is our motto!

Pursuit of perfection: We try to reach perfection in everything we do, not only while serving our clients, but also in other aspects of life including office hygiene, employee health, and security. We try to resolve every matter as well as possible. We exert every effort in achieving the best!

Equality and Justice: In order to develop in future our company needs experienced employees willing to endure hardships. At the same time we give all employees equal opportunities, help them realize their personal objectives goals and try to explore the optimal potential of every employee.

Constant Improvement: Profit is not our only objective, we set a long-term goals!
We always try to stand in the clients’ position and view the matters through their eyes. We use our long-term experience and professional abilities to provide our clients with legal and safe service, as well as the most effective solution of their cases.

Social responsibility: The obligation we observe in playing our part for the community, and in helping the needy

Our Mission: To help international assignees of all races with their work and life in China and make them easy and enjoyable as it used to be at home.

Our Development

Our Advantages

A Team of Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are university graduates who has been working for our company from 5 to 15 years. Our team truly believes in the company values and have a strong sense of responsibility. Our consultants feel proud and happy to provide a satisfying service to our clients and to resolve problems regarding clients’ documentation application procedures.

Service Quality Assurance

In the year of 2000 our company has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of ISO9001 as a company maintaining a quality management system. We constantly take into consideration the needs of our clients and the regulations of the relevant authorities. Our purpose is to improve and develop a better service management system which is able to meet both the requirements of IS09001, as well as the expectations of our clients.

Our Information Management System

Due to our strong sense of responsibility, we have developed an efficient information management system (Global Online) which has been in use ever since 2002. It keeps track of application process status, provides documents info and data check, gives auto-prior notice of documents’ expiry or renewal time, thus ensure our clients are being offered a safe and a quality service. During the past 10 years, Global Online played a key role in helping many foreign expats and their family members in China to go through the application procedures. Thanks to our information management system some risks has been reduced or eliminated because it keeps a detailed history of all relevant documents and scanned copies required for the application process. Our system also gives support in assisting our clients’ businesses in China.
Our information management system Global Online provides:
  • Auto-prior notice by email or SMS of documents expiry
  • Follow-up of documentation application process status by We Chat
  • Visa information (including government policies and regulations) through our online service
  • Detailed Record of Document’s Info for expats and their accompanying family members
  • Statistical data of the expatriates’ application required by their HR department

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